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A short video demonstrating how a shift in perspective can transform our lives

Our perspective creates our reality and when we experience a shift in perspective, it change our reality. This might seem an abstract concept but let's bring it right down to earth. Remember the last time you were having a bad day? What did the world look and feel like to you then?

Remember the last time you were in love? How did the world look and feel to you then?

Do you think the world changed? Of course we know it didn't, yet we rarely stop to examine the differences in how we experience the world, when something as simple as our mood creates a shift in perspective.

This is the simplest way to understand how our perspective, our attitude, our state of mind, and/or our consciousness really does shape our experience of reality. When we feel miserable the world looks miserable. When we feel lighter, the world seems lighter.

In the 1950's medical science was experimenting with mind-altering drugs, the most famous of which is probably Lysergic acid diethylamide - more commonly known as LSD.

Setting aside the controversies surrounding these drugs for a moment, the initial purpose behind developing LSD was to find a respiratory and circulatory stimulant. It's psychedelic properties were discovered as a side-effect, which later became what the drug is most remembered for.

The following video is taken from the archives of the official research into the properties and effects of LSD. The important thing to notice here, is how the woman experiences an almost instant shift in perspective and, as a result, has a totally different experience of reality. As a disclaimer, we should say here that we are not suggesting that anyone start taking drugs! The experiment in this video was done under clinical supervision in a controlled trial.

Although in this example drugs were used, the same results have been experienced by advanced meditators who haven't taken any drugs and live a pure substance-free lifestyle. The point is simply that once we shift our perspective, we will shift our reality!

A drug-free and equally powerful shift in perspective happens in a coaching relationship, when we have an 'aha' or 'lightbulb' moment that allows us to see our life or a particular issue in a whole new light...

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