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What can you do to become a high achiever? Eileen Bild shares the top 3 core behaviors of high achievers.

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If you're looking to become a high achiever there is an abundance of information available to you that can give you a grand perspective on your perception of success, financial wealth, what is important to you and where you are individually within your own sense of confidence and courage.

Entrepreneurism is at an all-time high and not showing any signs of slowing down. We have the most millionaires than ever in the history of man.  With the spread of computers reaching worldwide, there is an ever-growing opportunity to tap into every inch of our planet and provide potential customers and/or clients the latest and greatest product or service.

So, what does it take to become a high achiever?

You must think like a Millionaire in order to become one! Your core thinking will set the stage for your trajectory in either going the distance or slipping and sliding backwards; forever feeling stuck.

Core Thinking:

  • Initiative, effort, diligence, positive attitude and persistence are key determinants of success.
  •  Where success is uncertain, view demanding tasks as challenges, opportunities and unlimited possibilities.
  • Driven, dedicated, concentration and commitment to your vision, dreams and desires.
  • Believe in yourself and your highest potential.
  • Value working smart and strategizing with vision, plan and action.
  • Strong belief that you can improve your performance with practice, training, dedication and coaching to learning both for personal and professional growth.
  • Believe continued effort and commitment will overcome initial obstacles or failures.
  • Motivated through adversity and come out stronger than ever.


The top 3 core behaviors of high achievers.

1. Dedication to what gives life meaning, purpose and excitement.

High achievers have discovered their life purpose and use this to deliver a message or be of service to others. They are focused, lit up from the inside, and aren’t deterred from what their goals and dreams are. It helps them to drive their present into the future by doing what allows them to feel good, and walking away from what does not support their purpose.

2. Engaging with people in a cooperative and collaborative way.

To be a high achiever, positive influence is a key to success. Understanding the power of relationship building and connection. Engaging with people and the world with authenticity, honesty and integrity. Being humble about where they have come from and where they are now. Sharing knowledge freely, offering viewpoints, lessons learned, and inspiring others to also reach their own potentials. Pushing beyond internal and external resistance and reluctance to step fully into their purpose and passion, and learning to relate to others in a way that is mutually supportive. Together they propel each person involved to a higher level.

3. Embrace critique as a positive influence.
There is no need to be right; instead, high achievers want to grow, expand and be more effective to those around them. Embracing challenge, setbacks, and critique enables them to move past fear of what others think, fear of the unknown, and fear of making mistakes. Being strong, confident and assured in the face of opposition allows them to integrate constructive feedback into their foundation of purpose and passion. Open dialogue welcomes scrutiny from others without feeling personally attacked, and instead strengthens their determination to succeed.

Accompanying the enduring success of a high achiever is a feeling of achievement, a sense of happiness and joy in life, a feeling of having a positive impact on others, and knowing that you have left a legacy for years to come (no matter how big or small). It is an honor when others thank you for what you have brought to their lives, when someone admires your success and wants the same for themselves, and acknowledges the fruits of your labor. Now is as good a time as ever to take an assessment of your core thinking and behaviors to determine for yourself if you fit the qualities of a high achiever.

If so… congratulations!

If not now you have a map to follow so that you can shift gears, put yourself on a path to achieve your highest potential, fulfill your dreams, and make a difference in your own life and others.

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Eileen Bild

Eileen Bild

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