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The M u l t i MEDIA Top Ten below was carefully selected for expanding our consciousness by presenting information in multi-sensory ways that open our hearts and minds. Be open as you move through them. Some new insights may just be waiting to awaken you to whole new levels of understanding!

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Street Musicians From Around The World Played “Stand By Me.” Best Version Ever! 1. Stand By Me (5 mins)One of the most heartwarming portrayals of the song in every heart, that brings us all together, one by one as a human family.(Created by Playing for Change: Peace Through Music.)
 2.   Jill Bolte Taylor "A Stroke of Insight"  (20 mins)Dr. Taylor researched the brain from the outside in as a neuro-scientist, and then showed us the brain from the inside out, from her experience of having a stroke.   drjilltaylor.com/ jill_bolte_taylor
paul_potts 3.  Paul Potts   (4 mins)
You're the dream.. even though you don't believe it. Children are born innocent and some grow innocent, and this is an innocent view of an innocent person expressing their truth innocently... you decide!  paulpottsofficial.com/
4.  Abraham on World Finance (6 mins. channelled info.)A perspective that practically could serve us all if adopted with an open mind as a possibility of a new way of thinking.  abraham-hicks.com -2
Gregg Braden 5.  Gregg Braden “Fractal Time” (7 mins)
If Gregg Braden has researched it you can rest assured that your limiting beliefs will be challenged as you begin seeing your life as a part of the whole! Don't entertain the idea, until you read the facts, which Gregg does so well at presenting. greggbraden.com
6.  Byron Katie “The Work” (4 mins)
One day your life is a mess, the next morning you wake up to a whole new life. This is what she shares with her insights with each individual she encounters in her inquiries as seen on this video.  thework.com
shaheenboylcomp 7.   Shaheen Jafargholi (Who's Loving You by Michael Jackson) (6 mins)
Trust another person's instinct (if your gut says 'yes')  and you just may discover an aspect of yourself that on some level you knew would shine.   facebook.com/ShaheenJafargholi
8.Tererai Trent  The woman who 'buried her dreams in a tin can' (4 mins)
Every moment of your life matters, with every step, and every action you take, that potentially creates a future that you eventually live. In this case a tin can held the dreams that were greater than the imagined tomorrows of a child.
Tererai Trent
fireplacejoe21 9.  Dr. Joe Dispenza  (9 mins)
In the relaxed atmosphere of sitting in front of his fireplace, Dr. Joe puts logs on the fire of my brain that transcend conditioned beliefs of how I thought life was. Join me in this experience for yourself!  drjoedispenza.com
10. The Innocence of a child. Connie sings ‘Over The Rainbow’ (5 mins)
Our innocence... as a humanity. We all dream a dream that bridges us to something more than where we are, which is what we've always known, and Connie sings about it with a purity of belief. connietalbot.com
0 11. Abraham on Autism (10 mins. channelled info.)
According to the teachings of Abraham the only adjustment that we ever need to make is in our attitude, and in that everything else will line up around the expressed attitudes of children with Autism.  abraham-hicks.com
12. Amnesty International "Imagine" (5 mins)
Inspired by a school choir’s performance of Lennon’s song, actor Gabriel Byrne had an idea of recording children singing ‘Imagine’ as the centerpiece to an Amnesty International campaign. Yoko Ono generously agreed to give the song’s rights over for a three-year campaign.  Imagine was launched in May 2003 with poignant performances by children from around the world.
For me, personally, one word is the key to unlocking magical doors to living a great life. That word is ‘imagine’. And I do.  "Imagine all the people, living life in peace... they may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one..."  amnestyusa.org
akianekramarik15 13. Akiane  (4 mins)
If ever there was evidence of a world beyond the world that we know, this child paints it from the age of four. I ask myself: who, what, where, when, how? The only answer that comes is "Grace."   artakiane.com

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