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About Glynis Stevens

An accredited coach with ICF, I founded Freedom Coaching in 2008 to help clients understand their emotional fears, then to find ways to change the patterns and move beyond them.

In 2011, I met Helen Barton and John The Beloved, and life has not been the same since! Exploring my spirituality has been a journey to the heart , seeing the beauty and the inter-connectedness of life. I’ve felt like a child opening a box with the most wonderful present inside!

Being curious, I enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures. I’m an adventurer and love to travel, and for me it’s an absolute delight to guide clients who want to go on the journey of getting to know and appreciate who they are, to polish the diamond within their heart, claiming their value and finding their voice.

I support the Harpswell Foundation in Phnom Penh. A charitable organisation that provides education, housing, and leadership training for young women, I offer mentoring to some amazing, courageous young women on how to be their best.

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How Do You Shine As a Coach?

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