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Scorpio Rising: The Scorpio Soul

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In this article from the LCM archive we learn the distinction between the Scorpio soul and personality by exploring the fear-based reactions and love-based expressions of Scorpio… As we continue our journey exploring the love-base expressions and fear based reactions of each Zodiac sign we arrive at the beautiful and enigmatic sign of Scorpio. The intense sign of Scorpio is… Read more »

Scorpio Season: Personal Healing and Transformation


LCM’s Soul Astrologer Ruth Hadikin takes a look at why Scorpio is a sign of personal healing and transformation Scorpio is a water sign and, on our journey of self-awareness and spiritual awakening, the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are about mastering emotions. In the zodiac the twelve signs are also defined in terms of their ‘quality’ or modality, which… Read more »