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Science of the Soul

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Coach and metaphysician Eileen Bild shares her experiences and thoughts on the nature of the soul… The soul, our essence, is energy. This energy is a vibration which resonates with the world around it. Rather than saying we have a soul, rather it can be viewed that we are a soul who has a personality, belief system, perception; and experiences… Read more »

The Age of Aquarius: Evolving Consciousness

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Age of Aquarius

LCM’s Soul Astrologer Ruth Hadikin discusses the deeper meaning of the Age of Aquarius Soul Astrology is a blend of Psychological Astrology, Transpersonal Astrology and Esoteric Astrology. Soul Astrology is a bridge to get us from ‘here’ to ‘there’. Where is here? Our current psychological state in which our sense of identity stems from our egoic mind, and self-concepts based… Read more »

Why Looking Is Far Better Than Thinking

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There is a part in all of us that is observing whatever we are doing, it is always present. We know because, looking back at a past incident or period in our lifetime, we can notice things now that we were not aware of at that time. For instance, you can go back to an argument you had with somebody… Read more »