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Changing Habits For Good: 5 Simple Steps

changing habits

In this practical article Leadership Coach Stephen Light explains why changing habits can be difficult, and gives you five simple steps to change your unhelpful habits for good, freeing up your precious time and energy!  As coaches our role is to help our clients move towards achieving their goals. The process is two-fold: 1. It involves them discovering something about themselves that… Read more »

Reframing Is A Way To Shift Perspectives

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In this article from the LCM Archive Ruth Hadikin explains what reframing is and how it can support us in shifting our perspectives When I was thirteen I used to cry myself to sleep at night. One night my Dad asked me what was wrong and I asked him “why haven’t I got any friends?” He replied: “People don’t want… Read more »

Up-Language: A Powerful Coaching Tool

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