Stuck at the airport? Try This!

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When Richard Dunn found himself stuck at the airport recently he turned it into an opportunity to make a music video!

"Inside of every problem lies an opportunity" - Robert Kiyosaki

One of the most powerful skills that we can develop if we want to become successful in life, is the skill of turning difficult circumstances into opportunities. This week the internet is buzzing with a brilliant example of this.

Most of us dread those occasions when we might find ourselves stuck at the airport for some reason, but not Richard Dunn. On a recent trip he found himself all alone overnight at a Las Vegas airport so he used the opportunity to create a music video, by lip-synching to Celine Dion's "All By Myself". His video has now had over 11 million hits on the internet!

Aside from this being a fun video, as Life Coaches we can also use this opportunity to learn about an underlying process that can help us succeed in any area of life. Let's break it down by looking at what Richard actually did:

  1. He saw the opportunity in the situation.
  2. He had a positive mental attitude.
  3. He took it further by taking action on his idea.
  4. He wasn't deterred by 'lack' of resources or equipment but tapped into his own resourcefulness in thinking outside the box to overcome challenges (he used packing tape to fix his phone to the escalator)!
  5. He followed through by completing his video and putting it out there.

Richard shows us some of the attributes of the world's most successful people: he was proactive, had an idea, took action, stayed focused, determined, persistent, etc. We could list more, but did he work hard to make it happen?

Sure he worked, but not in a way that we would call 'hard work'.  We can see from his video that it wasn't a struggle. There was some work involved of course, but most of all it was effortless because he was just having fun!

Next time you're stuck in any area of your life (it doesn't have to be an airport) try this: look for the opportunity in the situation, think outside the box, take action on your ideas, don't be deterred, and follow through!

Thank you Richard Dunn - not only for your great sense of humor and your fun video, but for reminding us of an underlying process that leads to success in all areas of life!

Here's the end result, Richard Dunn's awesome music video "All By Myself". Enjoy!

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