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Coach and metaphysician Eileen Bild shares her experiences and thoughts on the nature of the soul...

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The soul, our essence, is energy. This energy is a vibration which resonates with the world around it. Rather than saying we have a soul, rather it can be viewed that we are a soul who has a personality, belief system, perception; and experiences the world through the eyes of it's personality.

When we are able to sense a feeling of oneness with all life, the soul has balanced love, light, and the will. The soul watches over us, almost like a 'soul coaching' in which we are guided by it's desires and intentions for what we are to experience in our life’s journey.

From my own studies and research in metaphysics, it seems that the soul is a vital principle in which the mind of enlightenment (higher awareness) and the self (personal insight) appear to be in a constant state of understanding the macrocosmic connection with it's microcosmic existence.

According to, "macrocosm" is, the greater world beyond our visual senses and is the whole of a complex structure, especially the world or universe, contrasted to a small or representative part of it. "Microcosm" is defined as, a community, place, or situation regarded as encapsulating in miniature the characteristic qualities or features of something much larger (Google).

As we grow and begin to know our soul, we appear to expand into knowledge of the 'science of the soul', which is the ability to expand our knowledge of the interconnectedness of the macrocosm with the microcosm of our existence.

It appears that through this process the mind develops awareness of the essence that is it's consciousness, spreading out of the depths of the soul, into the reality of life’s experiences. Thus, the soul becomes part of the purpose for which there is embodiment on earth.

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There appears to be a seamless web that connects all of life, in which the soul reveals to us that there is an 'as above, so below' thread of connection. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and  one of the founders of analytical psychology, related the concept of the soul to the collective unconscious.  He described it as a “psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals. This collective unconscious does not develop individually but is inherited.1

Those things that are both visible and non-visible are part of the overall life experiences of the soul. Ultimately, the soul’s purpose is to experience profound joy, inspiration, happiness, peace, serenity and love.

There is a greater plan, in which each individual soul is a part, guiding humanity to yet greater heights of understanding, awareness, vibration and growth. It is inclusive of self-discovery, self-realization and spiritual development.

We are a multi-dimensional being operating in both the physical and spiritual worlds. World renowned teacher and former NASA physicist, Barbara Brennen described a physical/etheric body, emotional body, and a 'lower mental body'. Her book, “Hands of Light”, explains the physical/etheric body as an “etheric double”, containing all the structures in the body and acting as a blueprint for the physical body; the emotional body as the field in which emotional energy flows and can be observed as bright, intense blobs of color, changing and shifting with changing emotional states; and the lower mental body is our subjective experience of thoughts in the form of words, sound and images.

When all three are working together and balanced they are integrated with the soul and in alignment with the soul’s purpose; thereby creating harmonious life experiences.

When they are not in sync with each other; the emotions are going in one direction and the mind/body are going in a different direction, the personality becomes fragmented. This may cause the soul an inability to work effectively through the personality, causing conflict and chaos in a person’s life.

One way of looking at it might be, if the personality is not 'illuminated' by the soul, it becomes unhappy and sometimes angry! This could be why so many people walk around angry all the time, seeing only the negative in their lives. There is an emptiness inside, and the ego driven personality consumes everything in it's path in order to fill this void.

There is a grasping in the “air” through people, things and experiences which is never satisfied. It always wants more, to the exhaustion of those around them. The antidote for this is the renewal of the inner light of the soul, for a person to truly know who they are and what the guiding principle is for being here on earth.

The soul simply wants the opportunity to express itself. During spiritual development there can be a battle between the soul and personality due to the lack of ability to let go of control and simply allow.

Until a person moves away from feeling separate and instead feels soul unity, the battle rages on. At this point the personality can begin to work together with the soul, allowing for clarity, a sense of belonging and 'giving back' as part of the cooperation between the two.

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There is no longer the need to control, fear or manipulate the process of growth. Eventually, the personality becomes infused with the soul and is the instrument through which the soul expresses itself in the world.

One might wonder how they would know if they are in expanded soul consciousness or in limited personality consciousness. When there is a sense of responsibility for oneself and others a soul infused person does not 'play the victim', but rather works to expand and change their consciousness in order to create better life experiences.

The soul is group conscious whereas the ego driven individual only thinks of themselves, being self-centered. When serving others and helping others is the greatest joy one has, then they are in soul consciousness. For in our deepest essence we are one with the whole; doing things that are for the highest good of all.

The personality is always taking, likes to acquire without ever feeling satisfied, competes and is obsessed with its latest desires; the soul is creator, giving, sharing, cooperates and has a clear sense of meaning and purpose.

How can a person invoke the soul and become soul conscious? There is a concept known as the Rainbow Bridge, this is bridging the spiritual world with the mundane world. Metaphysician Ellie Crystal of describes the Rainbow Bridge as a metaphor beyond physical reality, where everything cycles through time and bridges realty and illusion.

There are three channels through which this is accomplished:

  • A direct link between the spiritual and physical being;
  • A consciousness link from the soul to the mind; 
  • A creative link extending the spiritual axis outwards into life’s experiences.

Creativity comes from the subconscious and is the 'feminine', right brain function. Without the balance of the male/female; left brain/right brain a person misses out on becoming soul conscious. We are our subconscious; therefore, when we tap into our creativity it extends out through our inner being up to the conscious and out into the visible world.

Our spiritual, 'higher self' observes and aids us in this process whereby we have our life’s experiences and we either learn what we need to in order to grow in awareness, or we continue to have experiences that challenge and push us. Sometimes these experiences will become harder and more intense until we have the “pan over the head” realization waking up to the need to change, by making adjustments to thoughts, releasing of emotions and/or healing mind, body and spirit. 

In quantum physics, science explores and explains how everything in the tangible world comes into existence. There is an understanding that the nature of reality begins at the subatomic (unseen) level; thereby, indicating a connection that develops between the seen and unseen worlds. 

Consequently, the Rainbow Bridge can be thought of as responsible for 'conditioning' human existence in line with divine purpose and plan. We can choose to tap into our soul conscious or walk our path unaware of the wonderful opportunities available to us.

Our essence as a 'soul body' is best experienced by honoring it in others as well. I often use the word Namaste (from my soul to your soul) when ending a conversation with others. It allows me to share my light as well as honor the Divine spark the other person holds inside themselves.

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By realizing we each have a spark of light, that is meant to be expressed in positive ways, we can shine our individual light upon the world. By illuminating, sharing love, and helping to relieve suffering we can create 'heaven' on earth!


Editor's Note: The perspectives presented in this article represent those of the author and do not reflect the view of Life Coaching Magazine, it's Editors , or other contributors.


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