Pisces Season: The Sacred Heart

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LCM's Soul Astrologer Ruth Hadikin explores the deeper meaning of Pisces and it's association with the sacred heart

sacred heartWhat is the sacred heart? In previous posts I have talked about the role of Pisces in awakening the sacred heart of humanity, but what does that mean? And why is the sign of Pisces so important? Let's explore further...

First let's clarify some terms. There is a conventional understanding of the word sacred which means 'to sanctify', 'ordain' or 'make holy', and that's not what I'm talking about here. If something is sanctified, ordained or 'made' it means that something or someone outside of us is doing something, approving or ratifying something. This is not what I mean by the sacred heart. Let me also be clear that I am not referring to the Sacred Heart devotional practice within the Catholic Church.

So now let me explain what I am talking about. When I use the term sacred I am referring to a recognition of something that is pre-existing.  It cannot be given to you or created by something outside of you. It is already yours. Your 'sacred heart' is part of your 'sacred self', which is something that already exists and you only have to recognize it. It is already 'holy' in the sense that it is whole, it is not 'made holy' by anyone (not even you).


Our journey to wholeness, is not one of 'creating' wholeness, but rather of recognizing that our apparent separation is really an illusion and that we already are, and always have been, whole, or holy.


On our spiritual journey of awakening the sign of Pisces has a specific and significant role to play in our waking up from the sleep of our illusion, to the truth of our individual and collective sacred heart. Our journey to wholeness, is not one of 'creating' wholeness, but rather of recognizing that our apparent separation is really an illusion and that we already are, and always have been, whole, or holy.

As the twelfth zodiac sign Pisces is the culmination of our spiritual practice and our spiritual journey. It is the sign that most symbolizes our journey from suffering to universal love and compassion. On this journey we have the potential to recognize the causes of suffering, and in our journey towards compassion - we wake up to the presence of subtler energy dynamics and  recognize vaster dimensions to our being than may be immediately apparent in our ordinary lives.

Pisces is the sign that is most associated with the imaginal realms, where we get to play in the unbounded unlimited dimensions of our imaginations. Through this experience we become aware of subtler and subtler dimensions to our being. The Soul Ruler1 of Pisces is Pluto, and it is thought that the highest teaching of Pluto is the 'wisdom realizing emptiness'. In other words, Pluto teaches us an important lesson about loss and impermanence which is: basically when all else is lost, what remains is consciousness, and consciousness is everything.

Esoterically, Pisces is also on Ray 6 which is the path of devotion. Many spiritual traditions have what are known as 'devotional practices'. In the Catholic faith there is the devotional practice of the Sacred Heart which we mentioned earlier, while many Buddhist and other spiritual traditions have the practice of 'guru devotion'. Such devotional practices are not creating something (although it might feel like it) but rather are waking us up to an aspect of our nature that already exists.

Most Westerners miss the point of the path of devotion, mistakenly believing it to be some kind of cult 'worship'. In the eastern traditions the practice of guru devotion isn’t worship and, while care must always be taken to ensure one has chosen a genuine and suitable teacher, in the best and highest examples 'guru devotion' is a genuine practice that allows the disciple to experience heart opening and unconditional love outside of a conventional marriage or relationship. So when practiced correctly and appropriately it is an opportunity to open the heart in a very pure way. Aside from devotional practice there are also other methods used in spiritual traditions to awaken us to the power of the heart.


Through such heart opening practices, we can become aware of our sacred body (we may call it our spirit, or our energy or light body), which is that aspect of ourselves that is subtle, clear, always present, and is untouched by external circumstances. The more we connect to Universal Love and Compassion, the more we recognize our own sacred heart: that dimension of being within ourselves through which universal love and compassion spontaneously flow without any effort on our part.

We may also realize that our own sacred heart is the center of our being, from where we are also connected to the whole of our human family. When the whole of humanity has awakened to the real presence of our sacred heart, that is the time when all human hearts will 'beat as one' and we will experience a collective awakening.

We are very close to that time right now. In fact, we are only a heartbeat away.


  1. In Esoteric Astrology most signs (there are exceptions) have two or more planetary rulers at personality and Soul level.

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Ruth Hadikin

Ruth Hadikin

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