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path of ScorpioThe final part of a two-part article on the spiritual path of Scorpio

To embark upon the soul path of Scorpio you need to turn your attention inwards and begin the real battle: the battle with your own desire-nature, your ego.  Although Scorpio does need to battle, the focus is really on the victory. The experience in Scorpio is one of test, trial and triumph. It is not an easy path1. It is as though sometimes your life seems to be nothing but struggle, yet that is exactly how the chick frees itself from the egg: by constantly chipping away at it.

The noble and courageous path of Scorpio is one fraught with psychological and emotional challenges. At any time, without her light, the Scorpio personality can become trapped in the illusions of her own subconscious. We can see how ‘hatred’ for example, has lead to Scorpio’s reputation for revenge, and no imagination is needed to see what can happen when the desire for power, money or lust, gets out of control. This happens when Scorpio misdirects her energy outward, towards others.

What others think and do is not your business Scorpio – you are here to literally ‘mind your own business’, in a very focused and directed way. And your ‘business’ is to develop your own mind to the highest degree: to discover your own Soul-light and soar like the Eagle that you are. Challenging they may be, but the trials and tribulations in Scorpio are a necessary part of our evolution, in our journey to becoming Soul-centered beings.

“Scorpio is the great constellation which influences the turning point both in the life of humanity and the life of the individual human being”

- Alice A Bailey2

Transforming desire is not about suppressing it. Desire is not wrong in itself: it becomes a hindrance through our attachment, ignorance and lack of skill. For example when our desires are uncontrolled we experience addictions. When we Master desire, by appropriately channeling our passion, it is a vital tool for spiritual growth and evolution. Our passion then becomes a vehicle which carries our spiritual energy out into the world in meaningful ways.

Suppressing desire would be a suppression of your life force and spiritual energy: a hindrance to your spiritual growth. The Buddha recognized this when he turned away from the ascetic lifestyle and advocated the middle way. Suppressing desire is a denial of who you are and why you are here.

Water signs are about Mastery of emotions, and Fixed energy brings stability so, as the Fixed Water sign we can see that Scorpio is all about stabilizing emotions. We cannot Master our emotions by suppressing them. The key to Mastering emotions is to allow ourselves to feel. In order to Master the energy of desire so it can be transformed, Scorpio has to first experience each ‘face’ of desire for herself.

The ability to ‘fixate’ on an emotional state is a dual-edged sword. When used with skill and Mastery it gives you the ability to abide in higher states of consciousness for prolonged periods of time, as Master meditators do. For the Scorpio personality it can manifest as brooding and even depression.  If you have Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in Scorpio remember you are here to Master your emotions by shedding light on your emotional world.

It is worth noting that people with Moon in Scorpio may have a particularly hard time facing their emotions, which can then show up in those around you.  If you have Moon in Scorpio, and you find that people around you often ‘explode’ emotionally (particularly if they are very empathic like Cancerians), consider that maybe you need to look at where you are not facing your own suppressed emotions.

Emotional energy needs to release. If it is being suppressed (‘held’ in place by one person) it will often find an outlet in the system through another (because energy is dynamic and has to move – it cannot truly be ‘held’). It is vital for your well-being and spiritual growth that you allow yourself to feel and express your own feelings. Allowing yourself to fully experience and recognize your different emotional states is the first step towards this Mastery. Emotions need to flow.

You can’t learn to drive without getting behind the wheel.  Through practical experience, the fully integrated Scorpio Soul learns to stabilize the emotions of desire and channel their energy for spiritual purposes. According to the Tibetan2 “points of crisis” and “moments of reorientation” are necessary experiences on Scorpio’s journey, as the Scorpio Soul learns to focus and channel her energy in the right direction: firmly directed towards spiritual goals.

“Awakened heart comes from being willing to face your state of mind”

-Chogyam Trungpa3

The ‘destiny’ of Scorpio is somewhat fixed, in the sense of Scorpio’s role in these changing times. Scorpio has mysterious esoteric connections with Sirius; Antares (one of the four Royal Stars of Persia4) and is one of the four signs of the Fixed Cross5. The Divine Energy currently pouring through Scorpio is vital for our collective transformation: without the fearless courage of Scorpio in facing our darkest fears, we can never experience a full and complete heart awakening. When we bury and suppress any aspect of our own true nature, we close off a part of our heart at the same time.

The Soul’s journey through the sign of Scorpio is indeed a ‘rite of passage’ for our collective spiritual evolution. The Scorpio group of Souls play a vital role in the evolution of human consciousness by freeing the energy that humanity has tied up in negative and self-serving emotional states, so it can be reused for spiritual transformation.

Scorpio your path is not meant to be easy. Will you allow your precious life-force energy to be wasted in conflict with your human family? Or will you turn your attention inwards and, like the Spiritual Warrior that you are, Master your emotions and allow your inner Eagle to soar? By entering the battle with courage, and deep reverence, you will fulfill your spiritual mission: transforming the darkness within our human hearts into warm, radiant light. All this is accomplished by finding your own heart’s desire. Step up Scorpio, your time is now. LCM

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Key Points:

    • Scorpio is the sign of transformation: of sex, death, birth and re-birth.

    • The spiritual path of Scorpio transforms darkness into light through Mastering desire, and emotions, and is a vital stage on our Soul’s journey.

    • It is in Scorpio that Soul and personality fusion can happen: Soul and personality begin to merge.

    • The ego-trap for the Scorpio personality is in believing her desires can be satisfied by anything outside of herself. Scorpio often gets caught in conflict with others, rather than directing her attention inwards, to her inner journey.

    • The more Scorpio chases after things outside of herself, the more her Soul will create ‘problems’ to bring her attention back to her Soul journey.

    • The solution is to embrace the highest vibration, and consciousness, of her opposite sign Taurus: wherein she will experience the inner reality of her Soul, through the right use of her senses and emotions.  Here she realizes that everything she truly desires, is already within her own Being.

  1. In Esoteric Astrology Scorpio is also called the sign of crucifixion, because it is in this sign that the personality is finally ‘crucified’ and the individual becomes fully Soul-centered.

  2. Esoteric Astrology” The wisdom of the Tibetan (Master DK), channeled through Alice A. Bailey.

  3. Shambhala: The Sacred Path of The Warrior” by Chogyam Trungpa

  4. Read about Antares in Scorpio and the role of the four ‘Royal’ stars in this online article:

  5. The three crosses in Esoteric Astrology refer to stages in the development of human consciousness. The first stage, the mutable cross, is where we are fully personality identified and personality-driven. This currently refers to most of humanity. The Fixed Cross refers to those who are awakening. There is awareness of Soul as well as personality, but they are separate and so there is still duality there. A growing minority of spiritually-inclined people on the planet are beginning this ‘awakening’ process.  The Cardinal Cross refers to full Soul-personality integration. Very few people on the planet are at this fully awakened state. They would be the enlightened beings and spiritual teachers who come to lead us into the next stage of our development. Divine Energy is focused through the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) to stabilize and anchor this awakening process into the planet.


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Ruth Hadikin

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