Listening with Your Heart

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LCM's Editor Anya Sophia Mann explains how deep listening happens through the heart

listeningYou can become aware of your heart as a beautiful instrument for deep listening. Listening from the heart (with the heart and to the heart), can open up a world of clear connection to another human being. Everything subtle is silently magnified in this heart space with another, allowing connection to reveal hidden truths.

In this core space, which is within all of us, we are unencumbered of all the conditioning and wounding a life can bestow as we live. When we are in our heart we are connected to our core essence and flowing that presence into the world. People can feel it greatly. Your presence precedes you.

No matter what role you find yourself playing, such as family member, Manager, Coach, Doctor, Teacher, Leader etc., when you are coming from deep within your heart you will be heard deep within the other's heart. This is the ‘come from’ place where we can move mountains, no matter how another presents, whether in sorrow, anger, grief, confusion or dismay (some of the myriad of ways we look to others for support).

Coaching a person or a situation at the dinner table, class room, board room or with a team of individuals, we are all 'best suited' for the role when we are deep within our heart and listening empathically from there. No judgement can co-exist with an open heart, so your listenership is pure white space for the other to paint their world from their palette of experience, for your clean, clear receiving. In this configuration there is an environment for potential transformation to thrive.

How can you be that for another?

In the sacred space of ‘Self Love’ magic and miracles disguise themselves as acts of generosity, gratitude and healing, from the loving kindness of a listening heart. Being crystal clear in the pure space of ‘silent' is how you listen. Now go be heard.

With an open heart,


Listen to an example

Listen to heart-centered listening in action in this live coaching replay as Anya coaches "Pete" on the subject of communication:

Quantum Alchemy Broadcast #117

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Anya Sophia Mann

Anya Sophia Mann

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