Leo-Aquarius: Power, Purpose, and the Path of Self Realization (Part 2)


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Part 2 of a two-part article exploring why balancing the Leo-Aquarius polarity is important for our Soul's journey...



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There is a Real Self and a false self, and it is Leo’s job to discover which is which. The false self is the ego. It is a social construction formed by the various masks we wear, whereas the real Self is our true spiritual nature which can only be experienced and not spoken about.

Once we have discovered the reality of our authentic Self for ourselves, our power and purpose becomes clear.

"...like a sudden clash of thunder. Suddenly you are together, suddenly you have a direction, suddenly you know where your gold is."


To arrive at this realization of authentic Self, ironically, Leo needs the group awareness of his polar opposite Aquarius. The humanitarian group consciousness of Aquarius recognizes the whole of humanity as a single living entity: a connectedness, that is comprised of unique fully-realized individuals.

This higher realization of group awareness is very distinct from the tribalism of lower mass-consciousness - which is divisive in it’s attempt to separate humanity into tribes and nations. Tribalism is where the personality-centered Leo gets caught: in playing the role of the Chief, or the pauper, he is still adhering to a man-made view that has been imposed upon the existing reality, and him. It is ‘false’. His struggle is in trying to make that work.

The realization that the Human Spirit really is ‘as one’ ignites the Leo Soul with a renewed sense of power and purpose. The inner fire burns brightly. You rise above the limited view of societal expectations and recognize your inner truth as a unique individual with an important role to play. The higher purpose of Leo is the expression of Divine Will, rather than egoic will.

“There is a reality, a life force, an energy,

a quickening that is translated through you into action,

and because there is only one of you in all of time,

this expression is unique.

And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium

and it will be lost. The world will not have it.

It is not your business to determine how good it is

nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions.

It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly,

to keep the channel open.”

- Martha Graham

Whereas the personality-focused Leo erroneously thinks they are important because of what they ‘do’ (and/or how the society rewards that) the fully Soul-integrated Leo knows their true value lies in who they are: their Being. It is your Heart-Light that is really important.

According to Alice Bailey1 the Soul ‘does battle’ in two signs: Leo and Scorpio. The first battle in Leo is the battle to individuate. After the Soul’s journey through mass consciousness in Cancer, Leo asks “What about Me?” The sense of “Me” as an individual arises, and it is time to battle for one’s individuality.

To win this battle, the Lion must walk alone, free from the masses. This is a necessary step in the evolution of human consciousness, for it allows us to break free from the herd to rise above the delusions of tribal and mob consciousness. Only through your unique inner journey can you realize the true importance of your Self.

This doesn’t mean leaving the group: for how is it possible to leave something you are inherently part of? It means not allowing your sense of Self to be defined by the society, but rather acknowledging the sovereignty of your inner Self, and Divine Law. In the highest group awareness of Aquarius, Leo is able to blossom in his unique creative expression.  From there he recognizes the true meaning of individual, as one Being indivisible from the whole.

“All the World’s a stage, and all the Men and Women merely players”

William Shakespeare

This whole world really is a stage for the unfoldment of Divine Purpose. With this realization you bring the magnificence of your essence into any role you choose, for the benefit of all humanity. The spiritual path of Leo rises above identification with the lower self, so your life becomes a creative expression of Divine Will.

This is ‘right use’ of ego: freely and consciously participating in roles for the expression of Divine Will and Purpose. By integrating the Leo-Aquarius polarity, you know your Self to be an expression of Love in action, and yet you are not identified with the action. Dropping all that is false, and keeping your attention on that which is real, you fulfill your role with Divine Grace and Purpose.

Pinnochio was a real boy after all, because he had Love, and Love is real.  The enlightened Leo balances Leo-Aquarius, showing us that we are all so much more important than the roles we play, yet play them we do… for the show must go on, for the good of the whole. As long as we realize they are only roles, we can fulfill our purpose here on Earth with all the grace, dignity and courage of a Lion.

Will you continue to be a puppet who dances to another’s tune? Or will you set off on your own search for a star... and discover that the star is really you. LCM


1. “The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Interpretation” by Alice Bailey


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Key Points:

  • Leo is the sign of heart-centered warmth, generosity, loyalty and Will.

  • The spiritual path of Leo is one of Self-realization leading to creative expression of Divine Will and Purpose

  • The ego-trap for the Leo personality lies in being defined by your actions - limited by roles, obligations and the expectations of others.

  • The key to the liberation of Leo lies in the group consciousness of Aquarius


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