What Is A Coaching Conversation?

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Discover some of the essential ingredients of a powerful coaching conversation

coaching conversationBefore answering 'What is a Coaching Conversation' we must first ask 'What is Coaching?' The answer may be found in the following quote from Thomas Leonard, one of the early founders of Life Coaching:

"Coaching is the global business of human development"

So, what is a coaching conversation? A coaching conversation is advanced communication on a multidimensional level engaging deep contact, which allows transformational shifts in perception, to shift what is possible into the realm of reality.

Thomas Leonard also said that in the future the interactive developmental process that we now call coaching will outgrow the term 'coach'. A term I have come to use often is ‘Quantum Conversationalist’. A Quantum Conversationalist would be someone who engages in, and is adept at, a Quantum Conversation. So now you may be asking, what is a Quantum Conversation?

A Quantum Conversation is an interaction between two or more people where transformation happens energetically, at a quantum level, far beyond the literal meaning of the spoken words. This happens as a result of a process that I refer to as 'quantum alchemy'1.

A Quantum Conversation is an interaction between two or more people where transformation happens energetically, at a quantum level, far beyond the literal meaning of the spoken words. This happens as a result of a process that I refer to as 'quantum alchemy'1.

The word quantum, in the way in which we are using it here, refers to the sub-physical level of existence. The word alchemy in this instance, is used to refer to the process of liberation from temporal existence, whereby our consciousness is freed from the limitations of material, time-bound, existence.  So when we use the term quantum alchemy in this way we are referring to a process of interaction that happens at the interface between the physical and the non-physical, where all change (and healing) happens.

In my experience (which goes beyond my own personal experience and  clients) is that quantum alchemy happens in the use of higher frequency words and phrases, causing ‘aha healing moments’ to re-organize the system. Which is why my working definition of healing is, "the reorganization of a system, any system whether it be a human body, a family, a team, an organization and beyond".

Humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers, author of "A Way of Being", spent his whole career exploring and teaching the qualities of 'therapeutic' relationship. While I'm not suggesting that coaching is therapy, the underlying process of an effective coaching conversation is similar to that described by Rogers in a therepeutic relationship.

Rogers' work has some key insights about effective relating that can bring powerful change at a quantum level in coaching conversations (I call these 'quantum conversations').

Rogers identified 6 Core Conditions that need to be present in a relationship in order for it to be a powerful catalyst for healing and change. These core conditions are:

Rogers Core Conditions

  1. There is a mutual agreement between client and coach
  2. The client is incongruent (vulnerable, anxious, confused)
  3. The coach is congruent, authentic, and genuine
  4. The coach is able to hold the client in a light of unconditional positive regard
  5. The coach is empathic and is able to perceive the clients situation through empathic feeling
  6. The client feels, senses, and is fully aware of the coach's genuine congruence, empathy, and unconditional positive regard

This is sometimes summarized as a climate of congruency, empathy and unconditional positive regard. For a coach to be able to sincerely and competently hold such a space for a client, he or she needs to be extremely self-aware, and have a great capacity for presence. This only happens through a genuine connection to one's core.

The foundation for this highly evolved way of communicating is core connection to oneself.  The emanation of authentic self-love from core connection to self carries a spirit of confidence that, in a coaching conversation, enlightens the path for the absorption of new ways of seeing people, places and situations.

Bring The Being To The Doing

The coach having the quantum conversation is the one who is bringing the being to the doing. Who you be in terms of your presence, and in presencing your own presence, is vital to the outcome.

Presencing," a blend of the words "presence" and "sensing," refers to the ability to sense and bring into the present one's highest future potential—as an individual and as a group. - The Presencing Institute

In the deep connection of presencing your own presence, your presence precedes you and powerfully affects your connection to the coaching situation, whether with a group or individual.

On this enlightened unprecedented path all potential, possibility, and probability synthesize in an unspoken neurobiological symbiotic conversation, happening as a result of the environment being created with words.

Who is a Coach? A channel of core connectivity allowing real truth to emerge and transform!

What is a Coaching Conversation? An elevating environment, evolving human doing into conscious higher mind, and heart-centered human being.

In the light of core connection,


The topics in this article are expanded upon for deeper understanding, with a live coaching example, on Quantum Alchemy Broadcast show number 120: "What Is A Coaching Conversation?"

1. For more on the quantum alchemy process, in particular how our bodies communicate with one another at cellular level with light, see Quantum Alchemy Broadcast number 1 "Science Proves We Are Beings of Light".

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