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Changing Habits For Good: 5 Simple Steps

changing habits

In this practical article Leadership Coach Stephen Light explains why changing habits can be difficult, and gives you five simple steps to change your unhelpful habits for good, freeing up your precious time and energy!  As coaches our role is to help our clients move towards achieving their goals. The process is two-fold: 1. It involves them discovering something about themselves that… Read more »

What Is A Coaching Conversation?

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coaching conversation

Discover some of the essential ingredients of a powerful coaching conversation Before answering ‘What is a Coaching Conversation’ we must first ask ‘What is Coaching?’ The answer may be found in the following quote from Thomas Leonard, one of the early founders of Life Coaching: “Coaching is the global business of human development” So, what is a coaching conversation? A… Read more »

Pain: Is It All In Your Mind?

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The neuroscience of coaching: Professor Lorimer Moseley from Adelaide University gives a surprising and fascinating account of how our brain wires us up to feel pain (or not). Evidence that how we experience reality depends on our neurology (brain wiring) If you found an error, highlight it and press Shift + Enter or click here to inform us.