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I Like Being 98

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being 98

Video from KarmaTube Evelyn (no last name given) was 97 when her driver’s license was taken away from her for no other reason than her age. So, at age 98, she decided to get it back in order to fulfill a promise to a neighbor to get her to the grocery store once a week after their retirement community’s bus… Read more »

Nala The Poodle Works In A Nursing Home

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nala the poodle

Nala the poodle gets up early each morning to go work as an angel in a nursing home… It’s not just humans that have jobs, and it’s not just humans that can support one another with the power of our presence. This 3 minute video shows how Nala the poodle brings love and light into every day, simply by being… Read more »

Stuck at the airport? Try This!

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When Richard Dunn found himself stuck at the airport recently he turned it into an opportunity to make a music video! “Inside of every problem lies an opportunity” – Robert Kiyosaki One of the most powerful skills that we can develop if we want to become successful in life, is the skill of turning difficult circumstances into opportunities. This week… Read more »

LCM Video Picks

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View the original post on the LCM Archive  CARTER EMMART DEMOS A 3D ATLAS OF THE UNIVERSE (view movie)   Carter Emmart uses astronomy and computational modeling to create scientifically accurate, three-dimensional tours of our universe. He coordinates scientists, programmers and artists to produce scientifically accurate yet visually stunning and immersive space experiences in the AMNH’s Hayden Planetarium. Over the… Read more »

“Best of The Best” Top Ten Video Clips!

The M u l t i MEDIA Top Ten below was carefully selected for expanding our consciousness by presenting information in multi-sensory ways that open our hearts and minds. Be open as you move through them. Some new insights may just be waiting to awaken you to whole new levels of understanding! (view the original in the LCM archive) 1…. Read more »