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Sandra V. Abell is the author of “Self-Esteem: An Inside Job” and “Moving Up To Management: Leadership and Management Skills for New Supervisors”. She is a business and life coach, author, educator, speaker and Licensed Professional Counselor. Sandra specializes in working with executives, business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs and people in transition. Learn more about Sandy at

Your Self-Talk Can Make Or Break You!

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As I listened carefully to his words, I noted that Mike often made disparaging remarks about himself. He would talk about his business with great insight and enthusiasm, but end each sentence with words of personal disapproval. The more we talked, the more it became apparent to me that Mike was unaware of disrespecting himself through his own words. Mike… Read more »

4 Simple Steps To Happiness

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You may believe that happiness is related to success, achievements, money and possessions. However, you will probably find that after a short period of feeling proud for your achievements, you then feel let down, empty or even lost. So, you set another goal and continue to want more, falling into the “If only” lifecycle, saying, “I would be happy if… Read more »